Demonstration against slave labour in India, 1980s (Amsab-ISH)

Workers of the World is a scientific journal founded by the International Association Strikes and Social Conflicts. As of 2023 ten volumes have been published.

Workers of the World: International Journal on Strikes and Social Conflict aims to stimulate global studies on labor and social conflicts in an interdisciplinary, global, long term historical and non-Eurocentric perspective. It intends to move away from traditional forms of methodological nationalism and conjectural studies, adopting an explicitly critical and interdisciplinary perspective. Therefore, it will publish empirical research and theoretical discussions that address strikes and social conflicts in an innovative and rigorous manner. It will also promote dialogue between scholars from different fields and different countries and disseminate analyzes on different sociocultural realities, to give visibility and centrality to this theme.

The first issue of Workers of the World. International Journal on Strikes and Social Conflict was online at the end of June 2012. The journal is an important step to consolidate the initiative, decided at the Lisbon Labour Conference in March 2011, of creating an international association of researchers and institutions involved in the study of this subject.

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