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A special issue of International Labor and Working Class History (83, Spring 2013) tackles the theme Strikes and Social Conflicts.

Social conflicts form a major axis of 20th century history and should constitute an important line of academic research and writing, according to ILWCH issue editors and IISH research fellows Sjaak van der Velden and Raquel Varela. They should be studied in  an interdisciplinary, global, long term historical and non-Eurocentric perspective.

Just like the International Association Strikes and Social Conflict, this ILWCH issue is a product of the conference Strikes and Social Conflict in the 20th century, held in Lisbon in March 2011.

Contributions include:

  • Syndicalism and Strikes. Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and the US, by Ralph Darlington
  • Shantytown Dwellers' Resistance in Brazil's First Republic (1890-1930), by Romulo Costa Mattos
  • The Workers' Movement and Political Change in Spain, 1956-1977, by Xavier Domenènech Sampere
  • Strikes and pickets in Brazil. The strikes of 1957 and 1980, by Paolo Fontes and Francisco Barbosa de Macedo
  • Migrant Workers' Strikes in China's Pearl River Delta, 1978-2010, by Chris King-Chi Chan

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